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Boracay- An Oasis of Party Animals

Boracay- a Picture Perfect Paradise


Imagine traveling to the image of a postcard. At least, that’s is what it feels like traveling to Boracay. The journey there is quite stressful, but it is well worth it- you walk on white sand, swim in clear water and enjoy a beautiful view from your hotel room. Boracay is not overrated- the rumors are true, it is a magical place where you can relax on the beach, go snorkeling, eat delicious food and even the nightlife is decent. In this blog post I will tell you a little about my journey to Boracay, what I experienced and offer you some useful trevel advice.

 The journey to Boracay
Here you see the landscape from the airplane- it really is stunning.
My journey started in Hong Kong from where it took me about two hours with the low-cost-carrier Cebu Pacific to fly to the capital of the Philippines. I stayed there for a few days to visit my friend.
A few days later we left to go to BORACAY: From Manila it is about a two hour flight to Caticlan. We flew with Sea air. The tickets were relatively inexpensive. On the picture you can see the rolling field of Caticlan Airport.
It was so exciting to land on this island, as it was my first visit to a tropical place in my life and I was going to celebrate my birthday in Boracay, of course I was very excited!
Once you land in Catical you leave the tiny airport and stand in the mittle of a town.  You, like most people that lans in Caticlan will have to take a bus, about 4 hours until you get to the pier from which you take this little ferry-boat that takes you to the actual island of Boracay. Please excuse me, I do not remember all of the prices of the busses and boats, but be aware that you will have to pay an extra Environment Fee on most journeys, at least for the ferry.
The ferry did not take long at all, but it was almost dark when we finally reached paradise.


After our first night in the hotel that was booked by my friends, we took a moment to enjoy the beautiful picturesque beach view. Our hotel (as most hotels in Boracay) was located right at the beach. The palm leaves from the palm trees almost peaked into our window.


The water is turquoise and has just the right cooling temperature. Even though the waterfront is very shallow you can enjoy swimming and taking a walk in the water. Image


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