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A Hong Kong Bar Review: A Molecular Experience

A Hong Kong Bar Review: A molecular experience

In case you are planning on traveling to Hong Kong or if you are in Hong Kong right now, I have to recommend this place to you. I would feel like I am hiding something from the world if I didn’t. Also, I am not sponsored! So take my advice as it is 🙂

Fancy a drink in the lively metropolitan setting of one of Hong Kong’s trendy bars?


I actually discovered this place in Soho through a friend (which I would like to thank at this point for introducing me to ‘Quinary’). My first impression of this bar ‘Quinary’ was very positive. You enter from the famous Hollywood Street, only a short walk distance from LKF actually. When you enter you are immediately intrigued by the modern interior and the minimalistic but stylish design. The soft electronic vibes enhance the nice and relaxed atmosphere. You can sit on couches by the front and on taller tables with benches in the bar area.

As normal in Hong Kong, the service is excellent. The waiters are very professional and bring you free chips and nuts when you are able to secure yourself a seat amongst Hong Kong’s trendiest after-work and young expat crowd.


Does this sound good to you so far? After taking a quick glance at the menu, we overheard and were offered the ‘most popular’ drink at Quinary. This drink is a one-of-a-kind cocktail: the Earl Grey Caviar Martini is a must-try! This cocktail costs 120 HKD and I am surprised it isn’t more expensive.

Have I mentioned that this is one of the few places around town that does molecular cocktails? So the Early Grey Martini is covered with foam and you think: what is going on? You basically can’t even see the drink. However, after taking your first sip, you understand. The ‘caviar’ are molecular ‘pearls’ (comparable to the bubbles in bubble tea) filled with martini. The combination of the foam, the pearls and the drink itself, make this cocktail to one of the best ever. Just be careful because the cocktail is quite strong. I suggest a maximum intake of three Earl Grey Martinis in one night.

I took several friends to Quinary after having been there for the first time and highly recommend this place. Unlike other bars in Hong Kong, you won’t be able to enjoy rooftop views over the island or a party crowd that goes wild on the dance floor.

But it is the perfect place to enjoy a drink in a fancy atmosphere and get ready for Hong Kong’s crazy nightlife.

The snacks there are also worth a try. We stayed there for a couple of hours and even met a few very interesting people. It really seems as if the crowd is young, fashionable and knows where the hot-spots are at.

Let me know what you think of Quinary if you get the chance to go!


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