Experiences / Italy

Viva la Sicilia

Sicily is culturally enriched with its unique way of appreciating life. Every second is valued by Sicilians, be it by indulging the perfect morning Cappuccino, enjoying a stroll through the busiest street of the city or simply gazing at the impalpable landscape. Sicilians truly know how to appreciate things. And when I say things I mean every single aspect of daily life which often gets lost in our thoroughly-planned work-week, short-lived weekends and all-inclusive pre-booked vacations.

Many travel guides will unveil the numerous picturesque sceneries, timeless architecture and prefect vacation spots Sicily has to offer, however, the Sicilian culture goes far beyond what these guides can spell out.

It’s important to note that the best asset to have when traveling through Italy, like any other country is to speak Italian. In some countries speaking the native language will offer you a completely different insight into rituals, history and the daily life of locals than others, but generally it is an invaluable asset for traveling t anywhere. In Sicily, a very small fraction of the population speaks English, if they do, it might be difficult to understand it because of the indistinguishable Italian accent, which is everso-loved around the world.

I would love to tell you a lot more about the unique culture of Sicily and provide you with some of my travel perks so today I will jump right into my latest trip to Sicily and offer you some first-hand insights into one of the richest and yummiest places of all-time.


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