Back to Europe: Berlin East

What a shock! From Asia to East Berlin. Okay this didn’t happen over night but… yes… some things in my life happen over night. I guess that’s how I happened… haha .. JK

Anyhow, after a longer break: welcome me back to my own blog and posting about my life!

To make it a quick and short post- I live in Berlin now, so I will be blogging about Europe for the time being. At least until I return to Asia… or Africa… or South America? We’ll see. We’ll see where life takes me! And now lean back and enjoy the ride, I’ll try to pick up on some of the things I noted as worthy to mention, things that I really wanted to blog about and never got to it. Be it a broken computer, travels or visiting friends, moving, the bachelor thesis.. no more excuses!!

And now: Welcome to Berlin!


Well, me taking a stroll in the beautiful area of Prenzlauer Berg (Kastanienallee, around that area)photo copy

Walking to work, from the really really lovable Oberbaumbrücke, which I cross every day to get to work. Different kinda beautiful!

These are just some impressions from my time in Berlin this far ❤

photoPS: The river Spree, passing right by my work place, you look at the beautiful ‘Oberbaumbrücke’ (over tree bridge 😉 ) Although its winter, it barely ever rains and when its not cloudy it’s as beautiful as this. WOHO


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